Desktop Pictures

These are 1024 x 768 creative murals. You can use them as desktops for your computer screen. If you're using OS 8 or better on a Mac, once the huge thing loads in, click-and-hold and select "Save this picture as ..." to save it to your hard drive. There's a control panel (Desktop Pictures or Appearance) that you can use to place it as your desktop.

On Windows, just right click and select "Set as Wallpaper," but make sure that it's not set to tile in the Display control panel. Speaking of tiles, I've got plenty of those too.

Thistleheads (132k)
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic (175k)
Kyoto Temple (1280x1024) (606k)
Chrome Green (64k)
Primary Colors (128k)
Dream Flower (148k)
Horsie (556k)
Dolphin (260k)
Plastic Frog (236k)
"Happiness is a warm ..." (133k)
Savonarola (216k)
Bronze Primatives (274k)
Blue Balls (317k)
Nemesis Arch (372k)
Spooge (130k)
Sing Little Birdy (157k)
Alien Insignia (1280 x1024) (362k)
Butterflies & Grasshoppers (1280x1024) (104k)
Temptation of St. Anthony (Schongauer) (169k)
Thorny Blue (355k)
The Divine Comedy (133k)
Silver Lining (66k)
Vaguely Erotic (30k)
Magic Swirly Curtain (206k)
Blue Silk Smoking Jacket (215k)
Venusian Firestorm (221k)
Dose Castle 2 (382k)
Dose Castle 1 (337k)
"Nobody expects the ..." (188k)
Morris the Sensitive Lemur and his pals Binky and Buzz (194k)
Summer Fruit (141k)
American Brain (147k)
Purple Cow (160k)
Miami Rays (143k)
Sedona (131k)
Peaking at Versailles (327k)
Psychedelic Courtyard (263k)

There's more art at the exhibit, if you haven't already attended.

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