Seamless Pattern Tiles

Here you go. If you want advice on how to make them, read this. I've also made some full-screen desktop pictures.

Preview: Click on one.

Set as wallpaper: Right-click preview window (PC) and select "Set as wallpaper."

Download: Click and hold (Mac) or right-click (PC) and select "Save image as..."

Aquamarine Victorian (21k) Chairs (15k) Bosch (19k) Blue Victorian (20k) Church of Pat (23k) Cornflowers (19k) Cranberries (19k) Satan Laughing (15k) Dragon (15k) Eggs (16k) Escher (19k) Fareast 1 (18k) Fareast 2 (11k) Garden (15k) Grapes (10k) Green Frog (19k) Blue Balls (6k) Peas 'n Carrots (14k) Periwinkle (17k) Space (3516bytes) Bullseye (20k) Rose Stucco (13k) Louis XIV Green Angel White Roses Popeye Yin Yang Red & Green Circuit Board Red & Green Lava Fishes Purple Grooves Red Melted Plastic Ebola Blorps Blorps

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